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Thoughts on Coming Full Circle

January 15, 2013 – Berkeley Pier with an amazing sunset behind the Golden Gate Bridge. This photo was taken on November 6, 2012, after a great interview and shoot earlier that day at the Berkeley Marina for our documentary, Finding Jenn’s Voice.

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Before she was Filmmaker, Tracy was a Social Worker. With an MSW from Berkeley, she spent her first career as a therapist, advocating for women and children in her practice and with several non-profit organizations. When she returned to graduate school to study video production, Tracy described this career shift as a way to practice social work on a macro level. Being a social worker is about who you are, not what you do.

In Finding Jenn’s Voice, a documentary that examines the murder of Jennifer Snyder and similar cases of Intimate Partner Homicide, Tracy feels like she’s come full circle. Although we’ve been shooting for the documentary since 2011, we are just now inching toward a completed treatment and it is finally coalescing into film!

A Sweet Start to a New Year!

Schott Productions started the New Year with a really fun shoot at House of Clarendon! The Dream Weddings production team pulled out all the stops to film a great spot for host Martine Cajas. Designed and directed by Tracy, the spot highlights the artistry of Martine’s cakes. Talk about quick turnaround- shot on Thursday, edited on Friday, and airing on 1/20/13 on WGAL during this year’s first episode of Dream Weddings. Love it when a plan comes together…

HOC Spot Storyboard

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