A contemporary look at the history of Reading and Berks County.

The history of Reading and Berks County is multi-faceted and fascinating, from its early history as hunting grounds for the Lenape natives and its inclusion in the William Penn Land Grant, to the innovative creation of industry, transportation and products, to the city’s political controversies, economic booms and losses, and the cultural growth of the 20th century. But these are more than events to be pulled from the archives of history books, they are stories populated by heroes and villains, innovators and disrupters, men and women, and immigrants from around the world, with experiences that are both unique to its heritage and reflective of the country.

FROM THE RIVER is a 35 minute sprint through 350 years of history told through the eyes of people who lived them. The film makes history accessible to all and encourages viewers to learn more about our shared history – for there are lessons that can only be learned by looking back. 

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