Marketing or Creating?

So, one of the things I’ve learned is that when you’re busy and working in film, it’s really hard to find the time to do that “self promotion thing” called marketing. Writing a blog, updating your website, adding new content to your vimeo, youtube and website….takes time.

But in the interest of creating…well… interest in what’s going on in Schott Productions world, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Producer Sue Lange and Director Andrew Pochan are in production on DUST NUGGETS, a  feature film about a band that will take you into that crazy world of sex, drugs and rock & roll. Eric Roberts and Robert Picardo are both appearing in the film. Poster attached!
  • FINDING JENN’S VOICE continues to show its relevance. Just back from the Conference on Crimes Against Women in Dallas, prepping for an appearance at the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence conference, getting ready to release a police training program, and working on a digital platform for the film.
  • In preproduction on FROM THE RIVER,  a documentary on the history of Reading and Berks County.
  • In development on BLACKOUT GIRL, another documentary examining the intersection of sexual assault and addiction, featuring Jennifer Storm, and directed by Sylvia Caminer, who by the way just won an Emmy.
  • And LE BON CHEF… a dramedy penned by Sue and Tracy – seeking investors!


Dust Nuggets Poster - Updated

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